Saturday, March 27, 2010

one of many possibilities

hi people :) so i realize i forgot to post something last week it was a busy and fun week that left me forgetting some things off my "to do" list. Well, today I was gonna share one of the many sketches that I was considering for...wait for it..the cover of my sketch book that i wanna get published. The working title right now is "Loose Girls" and of course it would be a compilation of the many rough sketches of girls that I've done over the years. soooooo until next time friends :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MY ASS!!!!

you: mijo didn't you go to school to learn animation? why dont we ever see what you learned?

me: thats a very good question that don't have a good answer for. However, i can remedy that for you right now!

So awhile back i started this new dialogue test for my reel, and had to put it on hold to complete some freelance work. I just wanted to do something fun and as soon as I heard this clip from "Will and Grace" i knew it was my destiny to animate this. There's still a few little tweaks to be made before its brought to completion but I'm liking where its going. The final version should be up soon and then you will see the other dialogue scene that I started last week. And shhhhhh..but I've started to work on completing my film YAAAAAY!!! :) Until next time, take care people.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hi people :) so far so good, I'm staying true to my word on my weekly update. WOO HOO..anywhooooo, so last week I was watching some of my Beyonce dvd's ( yes. i have Beyonce DVD's ) and I have seen a few of her shows and there is always so much energy coming from her performances. So while watching the DVD's i whipped out my sketchbook and tried to capture some of that pure bootylicious passion. So enjoy and prepare yourself for some animation next week, take care of yourselves, latersssss :D